miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012


"Dicen que las cosas pasan por algo...
....llevo mucho tiempo esperando saber cuál es esa razón"

"Era una forma muy dura de vivir: prohibiéndome recordar y aterrorizada por el olvido"

When you can't go on
And you're all talked out
When you're heart gets broken
And you don't know how

When there's nothin' left and everyone leaves
When you're heart's all spent and you don't' need me

I will still be here
I'm not leaving, believe
Baby, you can change
But my love stay the same
I will still be here

When you need some strength
When you need a hand
When you have no faith
And you need a friend

I don't care what you say
Or how far you roam
I don't care what you do
I just hope you know

And you could fall down, fall down, fall down
You could cry, cry, cry
Come on break down, break down, break down
And I...

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